An Emerging New Economy

We are long-term strategic partners supporting our portfolio companies throughout their growth journey.


Building a reference new economy ecosystem in Qatar to boost the country’s economic diversification and position it as a global hub for innovation and doing business.


Establishing DVC as a partner of choice for high-growth disruptive companies, providing them capital and access to Qatar’s domestic and global network, while ensuring sustainable financial returns.

Headquartered in Doha, we invest globally and are geographically agnostic.

Our portfolio companies will benefit from

  • Active support to access our local ecosystem and global network
  • Quality infrastructure and a skilled workforce
  • World class incentives and partnership opportunities

We invest in a range of companies, including:

Our goals

  • Developing a tech ecosystem and fostering innovation
  • Attracting companies to establish presence in Qatar
  • Generating sustainable financial return over the long run
As a value-adding long-term investor

we will support companies in their growth and expansion into new markets

  • We seek to invest in disruptive early and late-stage growth companies
  • Our portfolio companies will benefit from a robust network of leading industry players, global investors, accelerators, incubators, universities, and R&D centers
  • We are focused on six investment areas but are open to strategic growth opportunities in all areas
  • Focus areas include Freight and Logistics, AgTech, CleanTech, EnergyTech & Services, HealthTech & BioTech and Mobility

We are committed to partnerships that drive innovation and success, while enhancing economic growth and a sustainable future for Qatar.

Our Offering

A flourishing business ecosystem

Qatar offers not only a competitive business environment and access to a skilled workforce, but wider cultural benefits including first rate universities and a vibrant community in Doha.

Access to surrounding markets

Qatar Free Zones aim to be the regional hub of choice for companies looking for expansion opportunities in China, India and Turkey.

A diversified and sustainable economy

The companies we invest in will be willing to play an active role in Qatar’s vision for a knowledge-based and sustainable economy.

Support for innovative growth companies

We want to invest in companies with a proven concept, an attractive business model, scalability, and a global competitive edge.

We are developing a growing community of companies in Emerging Technology, from AI to robotics and Big Data, and utilizing Qatar’s smart infrastructure and facilities we are able to help businesses expand and thrive. We are always looking to invest in and partner with companies which are at the cutting edge of their field, capable of driving new solutions for a sustainable future.